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The Lucy Cary Dysart Founder’s Award. The recipient must be a member of the society and must have exhibited sustained and dedicated volunteer service, furthering the aims of the Society.

Harriett and Campbell Clarke – 1992
Yvonne and Tie Davis – 1995
Mary Jones Shoemaker – 2001
E. Taylor Armstrong, Jr. – 2004
Jane and John Cockrell – 2005
Lucia Hrncir – 2010
Lindalyn Adams – 2013
Anne Kimbrough - 2015

The Tie Davis Preservation Award. The recipient must be an individual or group demonstrating sincere interest in the purpose of the Society. The recipient must be one who has contributed to the preservation and quality of life in the Park Cities.

John J. Fleet, II – 1995
Betty Tatum – 1997
Pat Sreenan – 1997
Diane Caylor Galloway – 1999
Paul D. McElroy – 2003
Jan and Bruce Harbour – 2010
Paul Willey and Allie Beth & Pierce Allman – 2013
Lindalyn Adams, Mary Shoemaker, Kathy Myers - 2015

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PCHPS is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization

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